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Stages of Teaching Girls to Wear Minisets and Bra

Stages of Teaching Girls to Wear Minisets and Bra


When girls begin to show signs of puberty, parents are obliged to realize this first. Puberty experienced by girls includes menstruation and changes in body shape. Science says, girls start puberty between the ages of 8 and 13. Well, at that age you must teach your daughter to start wearing a bra or mini-set.

There are two reasons why you should teach your child to wear a bra. First, the nipple buds start to bulge, so your child must use a miniset or bra. Second, your child's friends start wearing bras, so your child also wants to have them. Both of these reasons are perfectly acceptable, even you will gradually introduce a bra to your daughter. Here are some steps to wear a bra that you should pay attention to.

The stages of wearing a bra according to age

1. Start using minisets at puberty

The age of 8-12 years is a period in which a woman's body changes from inside and outside. Particularly for the breasts, pay attention to the nipple that begins to pop through your child's clothes. If you see small breast buds coming, you can provide a miniset for your child to adapt to wearing a bra later. By using a miniset, you indirectly begin to teach children to wear bras to the mature stage.

Miniset is a bra without wire, without foam, with thick rubber on the circumference of the body as a buffer. Miniset models vary depending on breast needs. If the nipples first appear, you need a miniset with a rather thick layer. The miniset is used to cover the nipples on the child's chest.

2. Bra without wire, age 13 to 16 years

Bra models and functions generally vary. When puberty has passed, the nipples in children usually have come out perfect. Her breasts will begin to gain weight and contain a little. Well, this transition period your child is advised to start wearing a bra with a more elastic cup transition. At the bottom of the bra, you should use a bra with elastic wire (or may be wireless, according to taste and function) to support the weight of her breasts that begin to grow.

The more age and maturity of a child, the bra used will also change in stages. In general, after puberty, using a bra with foam or soft pads on the cup, pay attention to the bra straps used. Use bras with straps that can be resized, because each person has a different posture and chest height to shoulder size.

3. Ages 16 and above, start using a nursing bra

At this age the breasts are fully formed, filled and solid. Furthermore, this age should be advised not to use a bra with soft wire again. Soft bra bras cannot support the weight of breasts that start to enlarge, so use bra with a harder wire and foam cup that is thick enough. The function of foam is not merely to increase breast thickness when viewed from the outside, but to avoid nipples from scraping clothes, jackets or other objects worn in the area around the breast.

Tips on buying the right bra

1. Choose a strap that fits the length and size of the chest area

Choose bra straps that fit the size of your chest circumference. You can use a D cup (bra cup), but the straps can vary.

2. Choose the type of bra as needed

The type of bra is very dependent on what fabric is comfortable on your skin but also must be healthy. Choose those that do not pose health risks such as being easily overgrown with germs and difficult to treat.

3. Increasing age, change the shape and size of the bra

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