Home Health information Filter and non filter cigarettes, which one is more dangerous?
Filter and non filter cigarettes, which one is more dangerous?

Filter and non filter cigarettes, which one is more dangerous?


Cigarettes are one of the needs of people who are in great demand in the world, although it has many negative impacts on body health. Cigarettes can cause cancer, respiratory problems, and various other diseases caused by the entry of harmful substances from cigarettes.

Therefore, in the early 1950s, cigarette manufacturers and manufacturers began to create cigarettes with filters in order to reduce harmful substances that enter the body. But is it true that filter cigarettes are safer for the body compared to unfiltered cigarettes?

What are filter cigarettes made of?

Cigarette filters are generally made from cellulose acetate, which is usually obtained from processed wood. This material is used because of its ability to filter tar and nicotine from cigarettes.

One cigarette filter can have 12, 000 fibers made of cellulose acetate, and these fibers can also be sucked into the lungs along with cigarette smoke.

In addition, cigarette filters also have a negative impact on the environment. This is because cellulose acetate cannot be decomposed by nature, so the amount can continue to accumulate.

It is estimated that 845, 000 tons of cigarette filters are discarded annually. Filter cigarettes scattered in the ocean also have a negative impact on living things that digest it accidentally.

What is the function of the cigarette filter?

Cigarette filters can significantly reduce tar and nicotine from smoked cigarettes. This is believed to reduce the negative effects of smoking on the body.

High tar content in cigarettes can increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers. Several studies have also revealed that unfiltered cigarettes can increase the risk of developing lung cancer compared to filtered cigarettes.

Impact of cigarette filters on the human body

Although the cigarette filter has been believed to be able to filter the amount of nicotine and tar significantly, it turns out that the cigarette filter itself also has a negative impact on our body. One is that the fibers in the cigarette filter can be inhaled together with cigarette smoke. The fiber can also contain tar from cigarette smoke, which contains harmful substances that cause cancer.

In addition, many smokers think that filtered cigarettes are much safer than unfiltered cigarettes, so they tend to increase the number of cigarettes consumed per day.

Filter cigarette users also tend to inhale cigarette smoke deeper than non-filter smokers, so that more harmful substances from cigarettes are sucked into the lungs.

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Reviewed date: October 27, 2017 | Last Edited: October 27, 2017


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