Home Health information Can Child Cancer Be Prevented? What should parents do?
Can Child Cancer Be Prevented? What should parents do?

Can Child Cancer Be Prevented? What should parents do?


According to data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), every year there are 300 thousand new cases of cancer in children and 80 thousand of them can not be saved. Cancer can strike children at any age, from infants to children growing up. Actually, what causes cancer in children? Can it prevent childhood cancer?

Can it really prevent child cancer?

Unfortunately, until now experts have not known exactly what causes cancer, especially in cases of childhood cancer. The reason, experts say there are only risk factors that might make a person's chances of getting cancer higher.

Cancer in adults can indeed be caused by various risk factors that are usually associated with unhealthy lifestyles. Yes, many people have avoided cigarettes, not fatty foods, exercised diligently, and always ate healthy food, because they did not want to be at risk of developing cancer. This actually applies to adults.

So, what about the children? Cancer in children is not known exactly what causes it, because lifestyle factors do not apply in this case. Cancer can affect children under five until newly born, of course this is not caused by unhealthy lifestyle factors.

Thus, in fact up to now there has not been anything that can be done to prevent childhood cancer. Some things might be able to trigger this cancer to grow in your child, such as heredity or gene damage. However, once again there is no scientific evidence that states exactly what causes it.

Even though you have a history of cancer in your family, this is not necessarily the cause, but indeed this can increase the chances of cancer cells to grow and develop.

What should I do so that children don't get cancer?

Although there is certainly no certainty that can prevent childhood cancer, experts argue that a healthy lifestyle in the family can help maintain the health of the whole family member. From getting used to eating healthy foods from before and during pregnancy, to breastfeeding is important.

Stop doing bad habits like consuming alcohol and smoking is also very important to maintain family health. By familiarizing a good lifestyle in the family, making children also avoid the risk of cancer that might be experienced as an adult.

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Reviewed: January 10, 2018 | Last Edited: January 10, 2018


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