Home Allergy Vagina Itching During Menstruation? It Could Be You Bandages Allergy!
Vagina Itching During Menstruation? It Could Be You Bandages Allergy!

Vagina Itching During Menstruation? It Could Be You Bandages Allergy!


Sanitary pads are tools that are needed by women to collect blood during menstruation or in the postpartum period (after giving birth). In addition to sanitary pads, there are also several other tools such as tampons, menstrual cups, and cloth to prevent the "leakage" of the menstruation. Unfortunately not everyone can use pads. Yes, some women have sanitary allergies. I wonder what causes women allergic to sanitary napkins? What are the characteristics of sanitary napkins? This is the full explanation.

Causes of allergic sanitary napkins

Allergy pads are also often referred to as sanitary pad dermatitis . This happens when the skin around the groin reacts to the sanitary napkin used during menstruation. This can be caused by ingredients in the dressing.

According to Dr. Rachna Pande from Ruhengeri Hospital in Rwanda, sanitary napkins are not completely pure cotton. Many manufacturers claim that the pads contain cotton with the power to absorb blood fluid to the maximum. However, herein lies the danger of sanitary allergies.

Most sanitary gel pads contain dioxin, synthetic fibers, and petrochemical products. Some of the ingredients in some brands of pads also contain plastic which can cause certain reactions in the vagina.

Then, quoted from the Huffington Post, pads generally contain infinicel. This is a gel material that can hold 10 times the weight of the liquid. Sanitary pads that contain infinicel if burned will produce billowing black smoke due to the chemical content in them. Different when compared to organic pads made of 100 percent organic cotton.

For some people who have sensitive skin, you will likely experience a reaction to the chemicals in the pads.

Sanitary allergy usually occurs with the following characteristics and symptoms.

  • Red rashes appear around the vagina
  • Itchy
  • The existence of a burning sensation like a burning sensation
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Swollen vagina
  • Reddish skin
  • Itchy bumps appear

Are there other ways besides using pads for menstruation?

In many countries, pads are not the only thing that is used when menstruation. There are tampons, cloths, or menstrual cups to keep the blood from coming out. However, most of these feminine products contain ingredients such as rayon, vicose, and cellulose wood pulp.

Bandages and tampons also contain a lot of these ingredients. Where rayon and viscose present a potential danger because of its very strong absorbent fibers, which can stick to your vaginal walls. These fibers can be left behind and increase your risk of developing toxic shock syndrome.

Therefore, there are several other alternatives that you can try, including:

1. Choose a safe pad

Organic pads are pads that use 100 percent organic cotton. Using organic ingredients might be able to prevent allergies, compared to sanitary ingredients that contain chemicals.

Also use pads that use pads containing hypoallergenic ingredients. This can prevent itching and red rashes that are a sign of an allergy. These types of sanitary pads are usually a little more expensive compared to normal pads but they will help deal with your skin that is sensitive to pads.

2. Keep clean

Sometimes skin allergies just because the cleanliness is not maintained properly. In addition to changing pads regularly, you also need to clean the skin around the vagina as often as possible. How many pads or pads may be left around the vagina and cause irritation.

3. Use a menstrual cup

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Reviewed: June 21, 2019 | Last Edited: June 21, 2019


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