Home Health information 4 Running Tips for Beginners So You Don't Get Tired Fast
4 Running Tips for Beginners So You Don't Get Tired Fast

4 Running Tips for Beginners So You Don't Get Tired Fast


Whether it's because of friends or inspired health articles that say that exercise has many benefits - from losing weight, preventing the risk of heart disease, to preventing premature aging - there are many reasons to start exercising. Running, in general, becomes the first choice for beginners to start exercising. But even though it sounds easy, running requires more than intention, especially if you aren't used to exercising before. Check out this article to find out running tips for beginners, so they don't fall quickly in the middle of the road.


Guide to start running for beginners

1. Start by walking

It's okay to run right away if you want to, but realize the consequences behind it. Your body is not used to running right now, so you can get injured while running. Start by walking. Walking has the same motion as running without much pressure on the bones and joints. But do not walk as if you were taking a leisurely walk in the mall. Instead you have to walk fast, but tempo. When your body feels ready for more intense action, you can start running. However, you must enter a running session to pause every few minutes.

2. Don't rush

Long distance running can cause a prolonged running injury. The purpose of running is to make you healthier and not vice versa. Do not rush to get to the line quickly, but increase the distance and duration of running and walking gradually. You might think that you run twice as long as yesterday and still don't feel tired, but you will be tired later. So, start running lightly and increase your speed slowly.

3. Wear proper running shoes

You can run with any shoe. But besides the technique of running in a hurry, the shoes you use are often the cause of injury when running. Everyone ran in a different way. Pronation (pedaling inward from the soles of the feet when running) some people can overdo it, or even less for some others, and there are running shoes specifically designed for these people to avoid potential injuries. In addition, using the wrong running shoes can cause pain every time you move, thereby reducing motivation, especially if you are a beginner runner.

4. Make a plan

Other running tips for beginners is to design a war strategy. Not everyone plans the "itinerary" of his running program. In fact, having a detailed plan is actually beneficial. You can monitor your distance and speed, so that you can gradually increase your training time to build strength. An exercise plan provides a sense of accomplishment that will increase your confidence. Not only mileage and duration, but you should also plan your time, frequency, and food intake after and before exercise.

There are many things that beginners must do before starting to run, and the above are some of the main things that you must keep in mind. Obeying a detailed running program can be daunting at first, but don't stress it out. Relaxing your thoughts and fears will eventually disappear. After all, running is cheap physical activity. Everyone can enjoy and reap the benefits.

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Reviewed: June 17, 2019 | Last Edited: June 17, 2019