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3 Simple Movements that Overcome Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

3 Simple Movements that Overcome Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)


For those of you who work all day sitting in front of a laptop or computer, you may often experience feeling pain in the wrist. This condition usually occurs due to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Indeed, this problem can actually improve itself without treatment. However, instead of just sitting waiting for it to disappear on its own, why don't you try light exercise to relieve wrist pain due to CTS? Psstt .. Take a peek at the sports movements below, yes!

Is exercise effective in treating wrist pain?

In addition to wrist pain, symptoms of CTS also include aches, frequent tingling, to the sensation of numbness that usually radiates to the fingers. So, whether these symptoms can be overcome by sports movements?

The answer is yes! Although it is not easy and feels painful, moving your wrist regularly to some degree can help relieve the pain, you know.

By doing light exercise, it is beneficial to:

1. Relieve symptoms of mild to moderate CTS

It's not easy to move the wrist due to CTS. However, if combined with other treatments, such as bandaging the wrist or corticosteroid injections, this exercise can help ease the pain.

In fact, John Diblasio, MPT, DPT, CSCS, a physical therapist from Vermont, United States, revealed that certain sports movements can accelerate healing while keeping you away from carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

2. Prevents the growth of scar tissue

If you have just had carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, this can usually trigger the growth of scar tissue in the incision. But don't worry, the risk can be reduced by routine hand exercise, you know!

Exercising the wrist slowly can help heal the trauma of the operation. Also includes preventing fractures in the wrist bones.

Safe movements for carpal tunnel syndrome

Experiencing wrist pain due to CTS does hamper your activities. As a solution, try to little routine to do this exercise to alleviate the pain.

This movement is very easy and you can do it anywhere, you know. Whether while working, waiting in line, or being relaxed fun. Come on, take a few minutes every day to do the following simple movements.

1. Stretch the fingers

First, bring the palms together as if to clap in front of the chest. After that, spread your fingers like a spring (per) as illustrated above. Stick your fingers apart or apart.

This simple movement can help flex the palmar fascia, median nerve, and wrist joints that are inflamed due to CTS. Do it regularly so that a sore wrist can continue to improve.

2. Shaking the palm of the hand

Shake the palm of your hand as if you were drying your hand. Perform this stretching motion while breathing and exhaling regularly.

Although it looks simple and easy to do, this type of hand stretch has many benefits. Not only relieve pain, this exercise can also prevent flexor muscle stiffness and the median nerve during activity. As a result, wrist pain so rarely relapse at another time.

3. Flex the wrist

Straighten your arm that feels pain to the front and relax your fingers. After that, use your other hand to slightly press the back of the hand downwards, as illustrated above.

Even though it may feel painful and uncomfortable, try holding this position for a few seconds. If you are getting used to it, add time little by little to a maximum of 20 seconds. Do the same thing in the other hand.

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Reviewed date: February 4, 2019 | Last Edited: February 4, 2019


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